Ready to tie the knot to your best friend and better half? At Levenue we pride ourselves in not just making your wedding day memorable with our elegant decor and dedicated staff. We take pride in making the planning easy and the journey to your marriage enjoyable. Enhance and deepen your commitment to one another. We offer premium décor at no extra cost to you. At LeVenue, we’re experienced enough to ensure you have the time of your life on your special day. Here’s some epic tips to keep your wedding enlivening and exciting:

  1. Jumping the broom: The newlyweds jump over a broomstick after being pronounced a married couple before the recessional to symbolize sweeping away their old lives and welcoming their new life together.
  2. Unity candle ceremony 
    1. Represents the unity of two individuals and their families. Before taking a seat the parents from both sides (traditionally the mothers) each light a taper candle placing one on each side of the pillar candle. Once the couple has been pronounced officially married and the ceremony has been completed each grab a taper candle and together the newlyweds light the pillar candle signifying their commitment to each other and the families for generations to come.
  3. Sand Ceremony 
    1. It signifies the inseparable blending of two individuals. Like the grains of sand, once united never separable again.The couple simultaneously pours sand (usually different colors) into a crystal base creating unique patterns and their bond. 
  4. Wedding ceremony time capsule 
    1. A romantic one of a kind way to remind each other of your everlasting love. The couple writes each other a love letter before the wedding day. As part of the ceremony the couple places the sealed letters in a box that contains a wine or champagne bottle to be opened on their first anniversary during a romantic date. 
  5. Cord of three strands or God’s knot 
    1. During this ceremony three cords are intertuant making a knot that signifies the unbreakable  union between the two individuals being married and God.  It also makes a very special keepsafe that many use as part of their decor at home as a constant reminder of their commitment. 
  6. Ring warming ceremony 
    1. The couple’s wedding ring is passed around the selected guests who silently wish the couple everlasting love and positive vibes in the form of a prayer while holding the ring in their hands.
  7. Wine unity ceremony 
    1. For centuries wine has been a symbol of prosperity and life. During the wine unity ceremony two carafes of wine one red and one white are placed on the unity table. After the ring exchange each individual pours the wine into the same empty carafe creating a blend signifying their separate lives becoming one. Then each takes a sip of the mixed wine sealing their union. 
  8. Handfasting 
    1. In the handfasting ceremony different color ribbons are used binding the couple’s hands together as a symbol of their union. The ribbons can be of different colors signifying the desired wishes for their new life together. For example red for love and passion, white for the purity of their feelings, green for prosperity, yellow for friendship and so on. 
  9. Foot washing ritual ceremony 
    1. This ritual symbolizes the couple’s devotion, humility and commitment  to each other. It is derived from religious Christian beliefs. 
  10. Unity tree planting ceremony  
    1. This ceremony is a beautiful way to always remind each other to forever nurture your relationship by together taking care of the tree from being planted to a fruitful mature tree and thereafter. During the ceremony the couple take turns on the planting process of the chosen tree or plant. Keep in mind that the ceremony can be even more special by choosing trees or plants that have meaningful messages. Below is a helpful list with tree types and their meaning. 
      1. Maple tree:  longevity, abundance, and protection.
      2. Oak tree:  life, health, and family unity. 
      3. Bamboo:  strength, flexibility, and renewal in Asian cultures.
      4. Apple tree: love, truth, beauty, and fertility.
      5. Birch tree: adaptability, regeneration, and new beginnings.
      6. Elm tree: unity, a new perspective, and freedom.
      7. Willows tree: adaptability, renewal, and survival.
      8. Fig tree:  indicate faith, stability, and enlightenment.
      9. Pear tree:  longevity, good health, and abundance.
      10. Pomegranate tree: ancient symbols of fertility and prosperity.
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LeVenue front ballroom table and dining decor
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