1. When is it appropriate? Whenever you like, every year, every couple of years, when the couple has reached an important relationship milestone, after overcoming a rough patch in the relationship, you never had a wedding though you are legally married, you had an intimate wedding and now you are ready for a bigger one, or simply to reaffirm the commitment and love for each other. 
  2. Must the vow renewal be on the same date as the official marriage? Absolutely NOT! Remember that unlike a wedding, a vow renewal does not have to follow the rules of a traditional wedding.
  3. Is a ceremony appropriate? Absolutely!!! This is the perfect opportunity to reaffirm each other of your everlasting love and commitment. Although you do not have to follow all the traditions of a wedding. You can always make up your own vows or have someone preside over the ceremony.
  4.  Are there any rules to follow? Yes, have fun! Make it unique to your likings and needs. Remember that a vow renewal is for the couple to rejoice and strengthen their union.

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