For your special day, it’s imperative that you plan accordingly with a healthy overall budget. With LeVenue, we can help with that. With us, decor is inclusive.

Save on the venue

You will save big on the venue by paying a little more up front. That way, when your guests are gathered in the room, you’re not saying “hey pay us a few thousand dollars right now and we’ll get to the cake!” We’re willing to negotiate. This is a special day. Treat it accordingly.

Save on the drinks and food

Save on your photographers by choosing a reasonable price. Yes, they are expensive. However, they’ll also have professional gear. For a wedding, it’s worth the investment.

Save on your makeup artist by picking a reasonable price. She’ll also have professional gear. For a wedding, it’s worth the investment.

Save on your reception setup

For a typical reception, we recommend a simple, non-deluxe mix-and-match station with easy to set out candles, votives, and bunting.

Explore DIY Wedding Decorations

There is no limit to how you can decorate your wedding! From beautiful centerpieces, to DIY centerpieces, to your wedding cake, everything is custom created for you! We are proud to offer wedding decor that speaks to you. Whether you are searching for the perfect DIY wedding decorations that look simple but have so much meaning, or for our beautiful wedding cake designs, LeVenue can help you in any way.

Whether you want to create beautiful centerpieces or your wedding cake, LeVenue can help!

Look for discounts and deals

There are many perks to using LeVenue for wedding consultations and planning. With us, decor is inclusive. Plus, we work with you to maintain a healthy overall budget for your special day.

Reduce your guest list

You know what weddings have the lowest cost per person? Children. There are no additional expenses to include children, such as a dance floor, appetizers, tablecloths or décor. This way, you can offer as little or as much of your service as you desire.

Save money by hiring an officiant other than a clergy person

Certified officiants will save you money and require less documentation and legalities for your family and friends to understand. They will take care of all the procedures, giving you the ability to concentrate on your wedding day instead of worrying about the paperwork.

And for extra savings, have your officiant at your wedding and your ceremony officiated by another officiant. Both of these wedding professionals will work together to streamline the event.

Think outside the box with your photographer

Consider a bridal party photo booth

Find a great place for the ceremony

Gift registry hosts that work with gift etiquette

Create your dream custom wedding cake

To ensure your wedding day is everything you’ve dreamed of, look no further than LeVenue! If you are thinking of getting married, please call our Wedding Specialists at LeVenue Wedding & Event Center today at (833) LEVENUE or visit

Find ways to save on the honeymoon

Take advantage of travel and hotel promotions

Look into discounts on your wedding gift registry

Start a wedding fund

Keep up with traditions that won’t put a dent in your budget

As a couple, you’ll want to keep traditions that hold meaning for you and your new family. Other than the cost of the venue and vendors, the most important thing to remember is that traditional weddings don’t have to break the bank. Go to the reception venue that has a cash bar or a BYOB policy. These simple touches allow guests to enjoy the night without spending extra money and drinking on the job.

Plan it all!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed planning your wedding, especially if it’s your first one. Sometimes you just don’t want to make any decisions. By planning with LeVenue, you’ll eliminate a lot of the stress. For example, we practice an open vendor policy which gives you the freedom to bring in your own DJ, your own caterer, and alcohol.

Find more creative ways to get married for free

A wedding is an opportunity to spend, but you don’t have to break the bank for the day. The best way to avoid spending a ton of money on your wedding is to create a unique, memorable day with something unique, unique to you.

Your wedding can be a lot more than that! With the help of LeVenue, you can combine your creativity, theme, and unique events to create the perfect experience.

Also, don’t forget about us! We’ll take you on a free VIP tour and stay within a healthy overall budget during your planning process.

 Have a low-key ceremony (and reception)

Ask us about our affordable packages that’ll be sure to fit your budget. Book a free VIP tour on our website.

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